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Online background image generators

Let me guess! You need a fancy background for your website, blog, Facebook or Twitter page but you do not have the skills or the touch to make one yourself.

A few years ago that could be a problem, but not anymore. Today there are a lot of free online background image generators that allow you to easily produce a background like a pro. You create the background and, in the end, just need to download and use it wherever you want. Besides, you can use these generated images for any purpose you feel fit – backgrounds, buttons, header images, etc.

Here are a few examples:


BgPatterns - online background patterns generator

BgPatterns allows you to create very nice background images, with lots of cool patterns, in four easy steps.

  1. Colors
    • Select the color of the pattern that you will choose afterwards
    • Select the background color of the whole image
  2. Canvas
    • Select the “background noise” or texture from a list of available ones
    • Select the scale of the texture
    • Select the opacity of the texture
  3. Image
    • Pick a pattern from a huge list of available patterns
    • Scale the pattern as you like
    • Pick your preferred position for the pattern
    • And finally control its opacity
  4. Rotate
    • Use the available pre-defined angles to rotate your patterns
    • Or type the exact angle you see fit

At any time of the process you can “Apply background” to see, real time, how your background is turning out.
When you are done just press the “Download Image” hyperlink.

Stripe Generator 2.0

Stripe Generator - online stripes generator

Unlike what you do with BgPatterns, using Stripe Generator you do not choose patterns or any other image to create your background. It is all done with stripes. Seems lame? It’s not. Believe me, if you’re inspired enough, you can generate all sorts of crazy backgrounds.

This great platform is just as easy to use as the previous, and you have all the editing controls in one page.

  • Choose the stripe size
  • Control the spacing between stripes
  • Choose the stripe color, background style and shadow
  • Pick a background color for the image
  • Choose the shadow orientation or angle

You can preview the progress of your stripes’ image at any time. When you finish generating it you only need to hit the download button.

Plus you have a bonus. If you create a free account, your generated stripes’ images will remain safe, waiting for you if your ever lose the ones you downloaded.


Dotter - online images with dots generator

Ok, you don’t like crazy patters and stripes are not your thing. What about dots?

If you find an easier to use background generator than Dotter I will give you one completely white background image for free.

To generate an image background using Dotter you just have to define 5 things:

  • 2 colors for the dots (if you want all the dots to have the same color, define the same color for both)
  • 2 colors for the background (if you define different colors for the background, you will get a gradient background)
  • the image size

Click “Ok” and the preview image will be the actual background of the tool. To get the image, you will have to check the web page’s code to view the background image and save it. As stupid as it may seem, that was the only way I found to download the image that I created.

Gradient Image Maker

Dynamic Drive's Gradient background Image Maker

If you reach this far, maybe you don’t like patterns, stripes or dots. Fortunately that’s not a problem. Just use a Gradient image instead.

Dynamic Drive’s, Gradient Image Maker allows you to create, for free, a gradient image for your backgrounds, buttons, or anything else you need a gradient to. Creating a gradient image online couldn’t be any easier.

  • Choose what type of gradient you want from the three available options: horizontal, vertical, oblique
  • Configure a height and a width for your gradient image
  • Select the top and bottom colors
  • And choose to download the image in JPEG or PNG formats.

It couldn’t get any fast and easier than this!

Other great Background Image Generators

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